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Risk Assessments

Good Risk Assessments are vital to any business and are a legal requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act; this stipulates that Employers who employ 5 or more employees must carry out and record in writing Risk Assessments, Employers who employ less than 5 employees are still required to complete Risk Assessments but they do not need to be written, however in the event of an incident you need to be able to prove you have carried these out, and therefore our strong recommendation is that ALL risk assessments are recorded .

We offer you a Risk Assessment Drafting Service which is based around a comprehensive package of the main types of Risk Assessments required under Legislation. These being -

  • Workplace General RA's
  • Plant, Machinery & Equipment RA's
  • COSHH RA's
  • Manual Handling RA's
  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) RA's
  • Fire - Procedural & Area RA's - separately priced on application

All are based on the industry accepted standards.

Breakdown of Our Service -

  • Analysis of information as supplied by yourselves - making the Risk Assessments specific to you.
  • The Drafting of your specific Risk Assessments.
  • The setting up of an easy to follow online folder based system which provides you with ease of access to your drafted Risk Assessments.
  • Provision of pro-forma documentation which you may use to carry out future Risk Assessments yourselves - if you choose to do so.

This process ensures that your Risk Assessments are relevant*, specific to you*, and compliant with Health & Safety Regulations.

Risk Assessment Drafting Service Pricing Structure:

Our packages for completing Risk Assessments come in packs of 10 (these can be a mixture of any of the ones listed above). Prices are as follows:

  1. One pack of 10 - From £300 each
  2. Two packs - From £290 each
  3. Three packs - From £280 each
  4. Four packs - From £270 each
  5. Five packs - From £260 each

The final drafted Risk Assessments once delivered to you will need to be vetted for final approval, control measures implemented and communicated accordingly - this being the responsibility of your Management Team.

Risk Assessments
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