Face Fit Testing

The legal frame work for users of close-fitting Personal Respiratory Protection Equipment to be Face Fit Trained and Tested is laid down in –

  • The Health & Safety At Work Act 1974
  • The COSHH Regulations 2002
  • PPE At Work Regulation 1992
  • HSG 53
  • INDG 473
  • Fit2Fit Companions

All Employers have a duty to comply with this legal frame work as applicable to their employees use of Respiratory Protection Equipment.

Our Service

This service is limited to the testing and training of close-fitting reusable, close-fitting half masks (Personal Respiratory Protection) only, this being governed by the approved ‘Qualitive Testing’ method which we use.

Examples of Respiratory Protection which we can provide the service for –

Note: Full Face Respiratory Protection requires the ‘Quantitative Testing’ method of testing – unfortunately we do not offer this method of testing.

Competence of Our Face Fit Testing Team

Competency is a key factor of persons carrying out this test and this should be considered prior to appointing a provider; as per the INDG479 competency can be demonstrated by attending and passing an accredited Fit2Fit Training Scheme as provided by an approved provider.

Our team have met the HSE requirements for competency by attended and passing the ‘Fit2Fit’ approved scheme and put their training into practice.

Our Face Fit Testing Service Covers

The training of the User on:

  • Pre-use Checks – identifying damage, faults and seal integrity
  • Maintenance & Storage Requirements
  • The correct Fitting – how to use
  • Testing of the Personal Respiratory Protection Fit – per user

On the completion of the testing the Employer or yourself will be given a certificate which will states if the user has passed or failed Face Fit Testing*1, this for your records.

*1Note: Face Fit Testing is only valid for the Mask type which has been tested and not any other types of masks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be tested if I have a beard or stubble?

‘No’, as these types of masks rely on a facial seal.

Is the test suitable for all facial shapes, sizes and features?

There are limitations to this but generally this is not an issue.

If I have a medical condition will I be able to be Face Fit Tested?

This is dependent on the medical condition as the test involve the inhalation of Bittrex (0.17% saccharin solution). We recommend that you seek medical guidance if you have any concerns prior to being Face Fit Tested.

Can I be tested whilst wearing makeup?

As the test relies on a facial seal this may affect the seal depending on how heavy the makeup is, please consider.

How often should Users be Face Fit Tested?

It is recommended that users be tested annually or sooner if their facial features change or other factors change etc.

Once tested does this cover other types of Respiratory Protection?

‘No’, the test is specific to the type of respiratory protection which the user was tested on, this being recorded on the test certificate issued.

How long do I have to keep records of Face Fit Testing for?

Employers should keep records of Face Fit Testing for 40-years and records of mask maintenance for a minimum of 5-years.

Face Fit Testing

At Our Venue

This service is limited to the testing and training of close-fitting reusable, close-fitting half masks (Personal Respiratory Protection) only, this being governed by the approved ‘Qualitive Testing’ method which we use.

Please Note: Any bookings of 8 – 10 employees qualify as a group booking at our daily rate of £395 + VAT. 

Number of Employees

@ £50 + VAT

£50+ VAT
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Why Choose Us

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