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What SSIP Accreditation Do I Need?

Health and Safety should be an integral part of your business and there are many different accreditation schemes which allow you to highlight your competence and best practices in health and safety, but how do I know which one to apply for?

The first question should be, what do your clients demand? Clients will demand different accreditations based on their individual and if you are unsure where to start, you need to determine which accreditation will open the most doors for your business once you are accredited, depending on what type of work or tendering opportunities you are looking for.

It is becoming common practice now for potential customers/clients to request that Suppliers have a current SSIP accreditation as a pre-requisite prior to awarding work. We advise that you refer to your customers/clients to ascertain their specific requirements in this matter prior to starting the process.

Who are the Main SSIP Members?

There are many SSIP members, including (but not limited to) the following:

*Please contact us to discuss your requirements

For a current list of all SSIP members please see the SSIP website: ssip.org.uk

What is SSIP?

SSIP stands for Safe Schemes in Procurement and is a set of health and safety assessment criteria used by many construction clients and principal contractors in the UK to evaluate the competence and performance of contractors and subcontractors in terms of their health and safety management systems.

SSIP helps suppliers to save time and reduce costs to allow them to concentrate more on their jobs instead of worrying about obtaining multiple health and safety certifications. Contractors and subcontractors who have been assessed and accredited by an SSIP member scheme can demonstrate their compliance with health and safety standards to a range of construction clients, reducing the need for multiple assessments and paperwork.

Accreditation schemes such as CHAS, SMAS and SafeContractor among others are members of the SSIP scheme.

What Are the Benefits of Undertaking a SSIP Assessment?

There are a number of benefits for your business if you undertake a SSIP assessment. All SSIP assessments are based on the SSIP Core Criteria; therefore, holding a valid SSIP accreditation demonstrates compliance to the specified Health and Safety standards which are in line with the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974 and its applicable substantive Regulations.

There are many benefits to business undertaking a SSIP assessment, which include:

  • Less paperwork
  • Safety performance improvements
  • Increase in reputation
  • Consistency
  • Cost-efficient

Experience Less Paperwork

The use of SSIP helps to reduce the amount of paperwork for contractors and subcontractors by streamlining the health and safety prequalification process. This reduces the need for multiple assessments and paperwork, which saves time and resources for both contractors and clients, allowing more time to be put towards completing work, ultimately increasing productivity within the workplace.

Improve Safety Performance

SSIP promotes the use of industry-recognised health and safety standards, policies, and procedures, which can help to improve safety performance across your construction site. This can lead to a reduction in accidents and injuries, as well as improved worker morale and productivity.

Increase in Reputation

Contractors and subcontractors who have been assessed and accredited by an SSIP member scheme can demonstrate their compliance with health and safety standards to a range of construction clients. This can enhance their reputation, increase their chances of winning contracts, and provide a competitive advantage.

Improve Consistency

SSIP provides a consistent approach to health and safety assessment across the construction industry. This helps to ensure that all contractors and subcontractors are assessed against the same standards and criteria, which promotes fairness and transparency in the procurement process.

Save Costs

By reducing the amount of paperwork for contractors and subcontractors, as well as improving health and safety standards, SSIP can help reduce costs associated with prequalification and construction projects. This can lead to cost savings for buyers and suppliers, ultimately benefiting the entire construction industry, making the SSIP a very cost efficient scheme.

What is the difference between CHAS and SafeContractor?

The difference between these two accreditations is that CHAS is a scheme that is suitable for a much larger scale, however SafeContractor is the ideal accreditation for local authorities and private clients. While both accreditations can benefit your business, the CHAS accreditation is much larger than SafeContractor and is recognised as the UK’s most well-known safety accreditation within the industry. SafeContractor is perfect for covering more than just health and safety, as the scheme also covers the environment and diversity within the workplace.

How can we help you with your SSIP accreditation?

Our service includes:

  • Office hours telephone assistance, this answering your questions and any concerns which you may have regarding your accreditation.
  • The provision of Health and Safety documents for you to adopt– all documentation provided will have your company logo, therefore we will need you to provide this in a suitable format if/as available.
  • The provision of Control documentation for you to complete, which subsequently will be used as evidence of your health and safety workplace management.
  • The uploading of your documentation and evidence to the SSIP Members server.
  • Completion of the SSIP Members explanatory questions, which is server based.
  • Watson & Watson will also act as your Competent External Health and Safety Advisor from the day of our appointment and for a period of 12 months thereafter. Click here for more details on our Competent Advisor service.

This service is for a fixed fee irrespective of how many submissions your paperwork may take and is underpinned by our money back guarantee.

In the unlikely event you do not achieve accreditation and provided you have followed all of our advice, implemented the systems, and returned the required evidence we will fully refund the monies paid to us.

We Successfully Assist and Help Hundreds of Companies A Year in Becoming SSIP Accredited and this service enables you to focus on doing what you do best – Running Your Business.

What is Deem to Satisfy?

All members of SSIP recognise each other’s Health & Safety Assessments anda Standards, so generally you should only ever have to be accredited by one SSIP member to be accepted by them all.

Therefore, if you already hold a valid SSIP assessment then you can apply for what is known as a ‘Deem to Satisfy’ assessment with a secondary assessment provider.

If your business requires multiple SSIP assessments please contact the Watson & Watson Office Team so that we may advise and assist you on the best course of action to take going forward and the process of applying for a ‘Deem to Satisfy’ assessment.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Free Service

Fixed Fee Service

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, no nonsense services at an agreed fixed fee sensible price.


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Our dedicated Consultants are fully insured professionally qualified Health and Safety Specialists and are registered with IOSH; and as such adhere to the Continuous Professional Development programme.

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We work with clients across the length and breadth of the UK and in a diverse spectrum of industry sectors.


Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event you do not achieve your SSIP accreditation and you have fully complied with our guidance and advice we will give a full refund of the fees you have paid to us.


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