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CDM Advisory Services

What is a CDM Advisor?

CDM stands for Construction, Design, and Management. The responsibility of a CDM advisor is very central towards construction projects and their outcomes, providing expert advice towards construction designs, evaluating risks and plans to reduce them, and a general procedure to keep everyone within the workplace safe during construction projects.

The Importance of a CDM Advisor

CDM Advisors play a very important role within construction projects, overseeing the designs, and ensuring all health and safety regulations are adhered to. CDM Advisors have become much more efficient since the introduction of the CDM 2015 Regulations.

With the new regulations, clients have the responsibility to control health and safety across a site, something they may not be experienced in. With the regulation updates, a CDM Advisor can be extremely effective to help you make better decisions to maintain site safety and welfare.

With the client now being criminally accountable for any potential breaches within the regulations set, it is advised that acquiring the help of CDM Consultancy services to prevent extreme punishment, which can lead to heavy fines and potentially prison sentences.

As from the 6th of April 2015 the CDM Regulations changed and the CDM 2015 Regulations came in to effect.

These changes include:

  • The criteria in which the HSE need to be notified of Construction projects.
  • Role changes, the main change here being the replacement of the CDMC role with the new position of Principal Designer.
  • Changes in Duty Holder responsibilities.

It is a legal requirement for all construction projects to meet the requirements of the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 and if the project falls into the ‘Notifiable’ category, then you need to appoint a Principal Designer.

We can offer a supportive service, this being focused on assisting the Duty Holders, this includes:

  • The drafting of the Pre-Construction Information document – for review and approval
  • The drafting of the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan – for review and approval
  • Submission and update of the HSE Notification (F10) – as applicable to the project
  • Site Audit and Inspections
  • Advise on the requirements for the project Health & Safety File

The Principal Designer may be:

  • An Individual, or
  • A Corporate Body

Please note that the appointed Principal Designer needs to have appropriate design qualification and competencies, therefore we cannot fulfil this role.

What is a Principle Designer?

A principal designer is a person or organisation appointed by the client to take control of the pre-construction phase of a construction project. The principal designer is responsible for planning, managing, and monitoring health and safety during the pre-construction phase, including identifying, eliminating, or controlling foreseeable risks.

The principal designer must also help compile pre-construction information and provide it to designers and contractors, prepare the health and safety file, and liaise with the principal contractor.

The principal designer is a key figure in the construction process and plays a vital role in ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved in the project.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

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Money Back Guarantee

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