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Site & Workplace Inspections

What is a Site & Workplace Health and Safety Inspection?

A workplace health and safety inspection is very important to the success of a workplace and their reputation. The process is designed to ensure that any potential risks across your site are minimal and that there are regulations and contingency plans in place to prevent them from happening.

By evaluating the history of the site’s recorded hazards and how they were handled, various types of workplace inspections can be selected to determine the health and safety status of your workplace or construction site.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what a safety inspection & how to carry them out is, then click here for further reading.

Manufacturing Sites

With regards to Manufacturing sites, this helps to ensure that your site is compliant to the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974 and Substantive Regulations.

Construction Sites

With regards to Construction sites, this helps to ensure that your site is compliant to the Construction Design Management Regulations.

This service includes our Consultant visiting your place of work, this may be either a manufacturing site or a construction site and covers the inspection of –

  • Work Activities
  • Plant, Machinery & Equipment
  • Work Areas
  • Welfare Facilities
  • Premises

During this inspection regime, our Consultant will be taking appropriate photographs, and notes; these subsequently we be delivered to your nominated responsible person in the form of an ‘Inspection Report’, which will enable your management team to act upon the findings accordingly.

We offer the same service for other types of workplaces e.g. offices etc. We also offer a site support and consultancy service, for more information, please click here.

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Types of Workplace Inspections

There are several different ways to carry out a workplace inspection. As per HSE.Gov there are:

Safety Sampling

Safety sampling refers to strongly observing specific activities around the workplace that could oppose a potential danger to people on site. This method of workplace inspection is done by identifying hazardous activities across the site, watching the process, and evaluating how the risks can be reduced.

Safety Tours

Safety tours involve a simple tour of the site to study the activities taking place and identify ways to reduce any associated risks. Safety tours are important because they can be extremely effective, allowing the inspector to develop a general understanding of how the site operates and suggest any necessary improvements to improve the health and safety of the site, purely through touring the site.

Safety Surveys

A safety survey is a general inspection that focuses on specific activities, areas, or actions that could potentially pose a danger to the workplace. This type of workplace inspection is effective because safety improvements can be made based on previous incidents and how they can be prevented in the future.

Incident Inspections

This method of workplace health and safety inspection focuses on accidents that have previously occurred within the site. It involves analysing the causes of the hazards and putting regulations in place to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future. This is important because it helps to prevent accidents from recurring and improves the safety of specific tasks and activities.

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Our Site Inspection Service also now covers COVID-19 Workplace Inspections, please view details on our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support Service page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Workplace Inspections carried out?

  • Workplace inspections can be carried out in a variety of different ways, but the desired method of carrying out your workplace inspections should be decided before the inspections take place between you and whoever is carrying out the safety inspection.
  • Before the workplace inspection begins, it’s advised that you already have a good understanding of the areas that require inspection, for example the equipment and specific areas around the workplace.
  • When conducting a Workplace Inspection, you should be looking for potentially unsafe conditions and equipment that could be a cause for danger.
  • Workplace inspections can be carried out in a variety of ways, but the standard of the safety inspection must be agreed prior to the inspection.

Why do I need a Site/Workplace Inspection?

  • Site/Workplace are a recognised means of helping to ensure that your work environment is being controlled in terms of work activities being undertaken, the use and condition of plant / machinery / equipment and facilities provided – this being in line with the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 and the associated Regulations.
  • Best accepted practice being that an independent inspection is carried out on a regular basis which reflects the hazards and risks posed in the work environment.
  • Inspections of this type are also quite often a requirement set by Clients/Customers to underpin their control of a shared workplace.

What are the benefits of a Site/Workplace Inspection?

  • Inspections are carried out by professionally qualified Health & Safety Consultants, which ensures that the findings of the inspection are comprehensive
  • Inspections offer an independent (fresh eyes) approach which often highlights areas of concern which have been overlooked
  • The findings are documented in a comprehensive Report which your Management Team can act upon
  • Once the findings have been acted upon, you can be reasonably assured that you are compliant with the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 and the associated Regulations.
  • The findings can assist in the mitigation of future legal and civil actions and can be shared as you choose with other concerned parties to demonstrate your compliance.

Note: Inspection Reports are classed as confidential and unless legally obligated to do so are not shared with any other parties or authoritative bodies.

What does the Site/Workplace Inspection service include?

  • Our professionally qualified Health & Safety Consultant coming to your workplace to carry out the inspection, this may also include an audit of your current documentation if you so wish
  • A comprehensive Report, which your Management Team can act upon
  • If required, additional advice either by Phone, Skype, Microsoft Teams (etc) regarding the findings of the inspection report

How long does the Site/Workplace Inspection take?

This will depend on the size of your workplace but can typically take one day but may extend to two or three days.

This will include time on site carrying out the inspection whereby the Consultant will need to be accompanied by your nominated representative and additional time off site writing up the Inspection Report.

Are the findings of the Site/Workplace Inspection confidential?

The report and its findings are only shared with your nominated person/s unless we are legally obligated to do so.

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