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Safety Foundation Pack

Foundation Pack, and Foundation Pack Plus are designed for those Companies that need or wish to have a comprehensive foundation in Health & Safety. They provide all the main Systems & Tools to meet current Health & Safety Legislation.

Health and Safety Audit: (Foundation Pack Plus)

This top down desktop and site based programme encompasses a comprehensive Health & Safety focussed independent audit of your current systems, as recommended by HSG65. The resulting report will identify areas of strengths and weakness in your health and safety management systems, allowing you to address and develop those areas most in need, thus ensuring legislative compliance.

Health and Safety Work Place Inspection:(Foundation Pack Plus)

This health and safety inspection and subsequent report will identify common safety hazards and risks and recommends improvements to eliminate or control them. When the appropriate actions are completed compliance with this section of the Health and Safety At Work ACT 1974 and the Health and Safety Management regulations will have been complied with. This supports your own workplace safety inspections and ensures best practise is maintained when carried out by an independent health and safety consultant.

Watson & Watson Competent Person:(Foundation Pack Plus)

Our team will deliver to your Company a Friendly, Expert Advisory Service. This incorporates close liaison with your Management and Employees so as to ensure as far as is reasonably practicable that your Company is complying with the Health & Safety at Work Act and subsequent Health and Safety Regulations.

Company Health & Safety Policy and Statement:

The Health & Safety Policy and Statement are bespoke documents, written specifically for your Company. This is required to comply with the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations. The document provides structure, direction and sets standards for your Company which it will adhere to in relation to your health and safety plans. This process is done in conjunction with your Company Directors as the document has to be agreed and committed to by the highest management levels in your Company.

Company Health & Safety Manual:

The Health & Safety Manual is a comprehensive document which covers and gives guidance to enable compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act and subsequent Health and Safety Regulations. This document is specifically designed to include and focus on your Companies needs in relation to health and safety in terms of guidance and the applicable regulations, as well as embracing the aforementioned.

It is recommended that your employees are then trained in the procedures relating to this Manual. This can be either accomplished in-house or we will be happy to facilitate this for you at an appropriate fee. Please contact our Head Office for further details of the pricing structure.

Comprehensive Set of template forms:

As per the list on the "Service At A Glance- Foundation Pack", all forms will be provided for your team to complete and file accordingly, giving a more focussed and consistent and therefore safer health and safety system.

Safety Foundation Pack
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