A dedicated member of staff will liaise with you to discuss your existing health and safety systems and will work on your application by putting together a tangible submission that allows you to demonstrate your systems to the SSIP assessor in order to achieve your chosen accreditation.

SSIP – SMAS WorkSafe Assessment

SMAS (Safety Management Advisory Service) WorkSafe Assessment is a leading SSIP registered member accreditation scheme that once accredited, will demonstrate your health and safety competence.

Price: £480 + VAT

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CHAS (Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) covers health and safety compliance and competency and once accredited, it will demonstrate your health and safety competence.

Price From: £480 + VAT


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SSIP – SafeContractor Questionnaire

SafeContractor Questionnaire is a SIPP accreditation scheme which reviews your health and safety systems and demonstrates your health and safety compliance.

Price From: £480 + VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSIP & what does it stand for?

SSIP stands for Safe Schemes In Procurement and acts as an umbrella organisation that pulls together multiple Occupational Health and Safety Schemes with the aim of reducing costs and duplication for both suppliers and buyers, particularly in the construction industry.

Accreditation schemes such as CHAS / SMAS / SafeContractor among others are members of the SSIP scheme.

Why do I need SSIP (CHAS / SafeContractor /SMAS / Achilles, etc)?

The need to have be accredited is commonly triggered by a client/customer asking that the contractor be so prior to tendering for work; the reason for this is that such accreditation is evidence that you meet the minimum standards of Health & Safety legislation and have systems that support good practices. This in turn, gives the client/customer confidence that you will carryout work on their behalf in a safe manner thus limiting their liabilities in the event of an accident etc.

What are the benefits of being SSIP accredited?

  • Allows you to tender for work which otherwise without the SSIP accreditation you may not be eligible to tender for.
  • Gives you confidence that you are meeting the minimum standards of Health & Safety legislation and have systems that support good practices.
  • Assists in ensuring that you and your employees are trained at the appropriate level and have the appropriate skills.

Which is the best SSIP for me?

This is dependent on:

  • The requirements of the client/customer, as they may prefer different SSIP scheme members i.e. CHAS, SafeContractor, SMAS etc
  • The type of work which you plan to undertake

How often do I need to re-apply for SSIP accreditation?

All SSIP members require that the application to be re-accredited is done annually and to ensure continuity of accreditation we recommend that you start the process of re-accreditation at least two months before the accreditation expiry date.

How long does it take to become SSIP accredited?

This is dependent on several factors:

Collection/Collation of Evidence

  • What evidence of health and safety systems you have already in place to meet the SSIP standards?

Note: When our services are engaged, we provide a range of documents which are required for your adoption and use. However, there maybe some training requirements which you must meet also.

  • Your ability to provide us with the evidence for uploading to the SSIP members portal.

SSIP Assessment

  • Different SSIP members have different assessment timescales, this being a variable dependent on the demand at the time for any one SSIP member but may take several weeks

How many SSIP accreditations do I need?

Again, this is dependent on client/customer requirements but on accredited to one SSIP member you can apply for a Deemed to Satisfy if the additional accreditation scheme which you are applying for is an SSIP member.

The process of Deemed to Satisfy is quite is quite straight forward and we can assist you if you so wish for a small fee.

Can you guarantee our accreditation to the preferred SSIP member?

Our guarantee is:

In the unlikely event you do not achieve your SSIP accreditation and you have fully complied with our guidance and advice we will give a full refund of the fee you have paid to us. 

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Fixed Fee Service

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, no nonsense services at an agreed fixed fee sensible price.

Accreditation Specialists

Our dedicated Consultants are fully insured professionally qualified Health and Safety Specialists and are registered with IOSH; and as such adhere to the Continuous Professional Development programme.

Nationwide Coverage

We work with clients across the length and breadth of the UK and in a diverse spectrum of industry sectors.

Money Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event you do not achieve your SSIP accreditation and you have fully complied with our guidance and advice we will give a full refund of the fees you have paid to us.


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