SMAS WorkSafe Assessment

SMAS WorkSafe Assessment is a leading Accreditation Scheme that is proving ever more popular with main contractors who want to assure themselves of the health and safety compliance of their sub contract companies. Many companies are now insisting that their suppliers and sub-contractors be accredited before they contract with them.

To the inexperienced business, SMAS looks like a lengthy bureaucratic process, to us it is just a series of processes that do not faze us at all. The key is in giving the assessors what they want first time, with evidence to back up your claims, to avoid any rejections.

What is the SMAS WorkSafe Assessment Accreditation?

The SMAS WorkSafe Assessment Accreditation is a nationally recognised Health & Safety accreditation used to demonstrate a business’ Health & Safety Standards that will establish that your business is safe to work with.

The accreditation takes 3-5 days to complete, and you will have full contact your assessor throughout the process.

What does SMAS WorkSafe Assess?

As part of the SMAS WorkSafe accreditation, the assessment will assess certain areas of Health and Safety (SSIP) to determine your level of understanding to meet the minimum health and safety standards.

What happens when I achieve the SMAS WorkSafe Assessment Accreditation?

You will be issued a certificate of completion valid for 12 months which will signify that you have met the relevant H&S standards. You will also be able to apply for other SSIP Accreditations under mutual recognition should you wish, this being achieved by completing a ‘Deem to Satisfy’ which we can help with if you so wish.

Our Service & Promise

Fixed Fee Service

With our help and guidance, and for a fixed fee (irrespective of how many submissions your paperwork may take) we will assist you in the accreditation process, enabling you to focus on doing what you do best, running your own business.

A Dedicated, Qualified Health & Safety Administrator

A dedicated member of our team will liaise with you to discuss your existing health and safety systems and then get to work on the application.

The chances are that you probably have a lot of systems in place already but perhaps haven’t written them down formally. What we’ll do is put together a tangible application that allows you to demonstrate this to the assessor, which will then help lead to your accreditation.

Money Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event you do not achieve accreditation, provided you have followed all of our advice, implemented the systems, and returned the required evidence, then we will fully refund the monies paid to us.

Note – Accreditation body fees are payable directly to them and are in addition to this and so are not refundable.

Which SSIP Do I Need?

Health and Safety should be an integral part of your business and there are many different accreditation schemes which allow you to highlight your competence and best practices in health and safety, but how do I know which one to apply for?

Find more help and information on SSIP accreditations here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of the SMAS WorkSafe Assessment Accreditation?

There are a variety of benefits to obtaining the SMAS WorkSafe Assessment Accreditation including:

  • Client Visibility
  • Demonstrate H&S Competence
  • Ensure appropriate H&S Management Systems are in place, as assessed by SMAS
  • Allows you to tender for contracts/jobs which may not be open to you without the accreditation
  • Save time and money when tendering, as quite often having the accreditation allows you to bypass some questions posed when completing a pre-tender questionnaire
  • SSIP Mutual Recognition – when applying for another SSIP Accreditation such as CHAS or SafeContractor, you will not be asked to repeat the core H&S questions

Who can apply for the SMAS WorkSafe Assessment Accreditation?

As each assessment is individual to the organisation, a variety of contractors can apply for the SMAS Worksafe Accreditation including electrical workers, bricklayers, groundwork service providers, asbestos removal and cleaning companies etc.

What does SMAS Preferred Supplier include?

  • Health & Safety (SSIP)
  • Environmental Management
  • Quality Management
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption
  • Modern Slavery
  • Financial & Business

SSIP – SMAS WorkSafe Assessment

SMAS Accreditation

The cost to provide this service is regardless of how many employees you have and is suitable for businesses that require the SMAS (Safety Management Advisory Service) WorkSafe Assessment SSIP accreditation scheme and is valid for 12 months.

This service is for a fixed fee irrespective of how many submissions your paperwork may take and is underpinned by our money back guarantee.

Note: Our service fee (below) is in addition to the SSIP membership fee, the membership fee is payable direct to the SSIP provider.

£480+ VAT
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Watson and Watson

Fixed Fee Service

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, no nonsense services at an agreed fixed fee sensible price.

Why Choose Watson and Watson

Accreditation Specialists

Our dedicated Consultants are fully insured professionally qualified Health and Safety Specialists and are registered with IOSH; and as such adhere to the Continuous Professional Development programme.

Why Choose Watson and Watson

Nationwide Coverage

We work with clients across the length and breadth of the UK and in a diverse spectrum of industry sectors.

Why Choose Watson and Watson

Money Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event you do not achieve your SSIP accreditation and you have fully complied with our guidance and advice we will give a full refund of the fees you have paid to us.


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