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RAMS stands for Risk Assessment & Method Statements. They are important health and safety documents with Risk Assessments legally being required to be written down if an employer employs 5 or more employees – although in practice employers employing under 5 employees generally also need to write risk assessments to prove that they have assessed the risks and to satisfy Clients when tendering for work; whilst Method Statements document a safe system of work as covered by the associated Risk Assessments.

In summary the purpose of RAMS is to ensure health and safety, identify hazards and risks associated with a task (etc) and provide suitable and sufficient control measures to control risk assessment and further provide a safe system of work/step-by-step instructions to persons carrying out the task etc. to mitigate the risks – so far as is reasonably practicable.

Why do Client’s Require RAMS?

RAMS are normally required when tendering for work with a Client, as the Client will use them to assess if you plan to carry out the task (etc) safely – this being part of their ‘Duty of Care’ when vetting Contractors. Therefore, the more robust the RAMS safety scheme the more likely you are to win the tender as these will reduce the Client’s liabilities in the event of an incident.

On winning the tender the Client is likely then to use the RAMS during their safety inspections to ensure that the documented control measures and safe practices are being adhered to.

What do I need to do when RAMS are Approved?

Once approved and prior to the commencement of task/work, the RAMS will need to be communicated to all parties undertaking the work, this is normally done by briefings and the individuals then signing in acceptance of understanding – records of such being then put on file. Thereafter, all control measures as documented will need to be implemented and adhered to.

Benefits of using RAMS for Health and Safety

Risk Assessment Method Statements are designed to help make the workplace and work operations safer. This has the added benefit of protecting you from any consequences of poor risk management in your business.

RAMS can also:

  • Support decision making – By outlining safe approaches to completing tasks in the workplace, a RAMS helps you and your employees to make to the right choices.
  • Prevent misunderstandings – Misunderstanding how certain tasks should be completed can lead to serious injuries. Method Statements lay out the correct processes step-by-step avoiding confusion and preventing accidents.
  • Help reduce employee absence – Through the proper mitigation of risks and outlining the correct process for undertaking hazardous tasks, absence due to sickness can be reduced. This can ultimately reduce the costs associated with employee absences, such as sick pay, cover, and compensation.
  • Reduce the risk of fines and penalties – RAMS help improve the quality of the workplace health and safety which can ensure compliance with risk management legislation.
  • Support your business’ reputation – RAMS can your business avoid reputational damage by ensuring a safer working environment while tasks and business operations are being undertaken.

What businesses use RAMS?

RAMS ensures safety, and is used by many businesses to improve the safety of their work activities. However, they are commonly utilised by companies operating in the construction and service industries.

Among other aspects, RAMS ensure that employees, contractors, service providers operating on your behalf or within your business comply with agreed health and safety standards, as when they are used correctly not only do they give guidance on how a task should be carried out safely, but they are also used as an auditing tool during subsequent inspections.

What is RAMs Software?

RAMs Software is a cloud-based application that allows you and your business to carry out multiple health and safety tasks in a single, easy to use package. The software allows you to manage and create your health and safety documentation as well as produce branded method statements, provide employee training, and undertake risk assessments.

How does RAMs Software work?

RAMS software works by allowing you to store, manage, and organise your health and safety documentation in a single place. Through the software you’re able to access pre-made health and safety management forms as well as create, edit, and duplicate your own.

Why you should use RAMs Software

RAMS Software can help to ensure that your business is compliant with the health and safety legislation by formatting a common approach to writing the RAMS. This can reduce the risk of facing fines and penalties for non-compliance of the regulations.

Not only can RAMs Software help you remain compliant with legislation, but it can also save valuable business time by allowing you to quickly produce and edit important documentation, even when you’re not in the office. This can reduce the amount of time that it takes to produce the appropriate H&S documentation for each site or job.

Looking for RAMS Software?

If you’re looking for a  online Risk Assessment and Method Statement Software Package, we can help. Here at Watson & Watson, we offer an industry leading online RAMS software package which can simplify the process of creating your health and safety documents. Contact our Consultants today, for a no obligation discussion of your requirements.

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